A. Easy assignment B. YEARLY REPORT

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A. Find out what Expressionistic music sounds like. Listen to recordings of the music of Arnold Schoenberg or Alban Berg, two leading composers in that style. One place to find them is on Youtube. Post which you listened to and what your impressions are of the music by 8pm on due date. Post your answers to this discussion and respond to 2 other posts by end of day.

B.Yearly Reports:

In order to gain a perspective of the rapid changes in early-twentieth-century society and their direct relation to the plethora of art movements, I would like you to pick one yearfrom 1900–1920. Research noteworthy inventions, world events, and discoveries from that year and how you think they influenced the art movements of the 20th century. Share your findings in an approximately three-five minute report to the class by downloading Screen-Cast-O-Matic to your machine. Click on the free recorder after you open it. You can record yourself, your screen or both. Write a script to follow and have pictures of what you are presenting open a head of time. You can pause the recording to take a break, close a picture, open another one etc. Then you can download your video to Youtube and share the link with us. It will be fun to hear your voices and if you choose see your faces. Be sure to check out other students videos to learn about their year and get to know them a little better. Respond to 2 others by end of day on the due date, more if you like, and let them know you watched.