8 questions short response. MLA format. Criminal Justice

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Please answer the 8 questions below.

1 page per question

25. How do you feel about being forced to work during covid?

26. In the professional field, especially criminal justice, what is the always the priority?

27. How might you respond if an employer offered you a promotion or pay raise in exchange for personal favors?

28. How do you feel about the discretion differences amongst careers? Do you think it’s okay for some jobs to have more discretion than others?

29. What is ethics and why is it important?

30. Why is ethics so difficult to portray in the criminal justice field? Is it because of people’s individual moral beliefs or because people are just not ethical?

31. What are your thoughts on charging juveniles in adult court?

32. Do you think it is ethical for people to be on pre-trial probation?