6 2 Journal Three Robbery and Technology

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Prompt: Jasper robs the home of Peter and Carly, two meth dealers. He steals expensive jewelry, meth equipment, and meth. You are the assigned detective to the robbery and receive a reliable tip that Jasper has stashed the goods in his home. You want to use thermal imaging to detect the presence of the stolen items. A senior detective advises you that you do not need a warrant. Based upon your reading of Kyllo v. United States, what should you do? How does the court’s decision reinforce ethical behavior and constitutional limits on law-enforcement officers? Write a journal assignment that addresses these questions. Refer to your textbook and relevant scholarly sources to support the points and observations made in your journal assignment.

Guidelines for Submission: Your journal assignment must be 300–400 words (excluding the references). Citations should be formatted according to APA style. Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,Dynamics of a Robbery“>Dynamics of a Robbery and one-inch margins.

Case Review: Kyllo v. United States
Review the rulings on the use of thermal imaging in this case. This reading will help support your work on the journal assignment for this module.

Library Article: Dynamics of a Robbery: Criminological Aspects, Security Issues and Prevention
This article monitors the behavioral characteristics of actual robberies and tries to establish a pattern for better prevention techniques.