500 Word Decision making process paper…scenario given

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Consider this situation. You are the owner of a small business that makes handmade jewelry. Even though regional sales of jewelry comparative to yours is trending up, your sales have been trending down. You are perplexed with this trend, as your marketing is sound, your customer feedback is good, and prices are lower than that of your competitors. You are now wondering if you need to study your distribution strategy better.

Historically, you have sold your jewelry through five of the top jewelry stores in your region, because these stores have always told you that your jewelry was the best, and that they promoted it as being the best. So, over the past couple of weeks, you visited these stores in person to observe how your jewelry was being sold.

Much to your surprise, your jewelry was not being represented as you thought it was. Your jewelry did not have good visibility for customers, and the salespeople did not seem to be promoting your jewelry at all.

You decide that a change is needed. After careful consideration, you identify three options:

  • Implement your own retail stores and direct sell through them.
  • Sell your jewelry through online channels only.
  • Remain with your existing distribution channel – but spend significant time with each of the stores to educate those stores more about your jewelry.

Use the decision-making model process from to make your decision:

  1. Recognize and define the problem or opportunity.
  2. Identify and develop options.
  3. Analyze the options.
  4. Select the best option.
  5. Implement the decision.
  6. Monitor the results