5 pages essay focusing on one concept or theory from Machiavelli’s Discourses

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Following the instructions in the essay writing guide, which I upload, write a 5-7 page essay. Your essay should respond to the following topic:

Choose one or two chapters from Machiavelli’s Discourses, to which you may optionally add one chapter from Machiavelli’s Prince. (Clarification: you may leave the Prince out, but must include the Discourses.) Closely analyze the chapter(s) you have chosen and explain precisely what you interpret the chapter to mean, focusing on one concept or theory. Then apply what you have learned to some issue or institution of politics today, arguing that Machiavelli’s ideas help to explain or to solve some important political problem we currently face.

Once you have done this analysis, make sure your introduction and conclusions explain with clarity what your paper is attempting to accomplish and emphasize the significance of its results.

Do not use secondary sources for this paper. This paper should emphasize careful, deep, close reading of the text and insightful interpretation.