5.3 – Internet Research 2 : MROs in the News

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This is our second current event research on MROs in this course aimed at reinforcing management and operation of MROs as business entities. For this assignment, find an article in an MRO related journal or other current resource which discusses the responsibilities of maintenance and engineering functions in an MRO. Any type or size of MRO can be utilized for this activity. Utilize the resources provided in Module 2’s Internet Research activity as the starting point for your research.

After reading the article, write a 1-2 page synopsis of your findings. Include details of the MRO company and relate how the engineering and maintenance departments are structured, i.e. overlapping tasks, integrated activities, etc. Try to find a detail that is unusual about this MRO with regards to engineering and maintenance. Perhaps the company is very technology oriented or on the cutting edge with a new tool or resource.

Include a cover page and reference page in your written document. Your submission is expected to be grammatically sound, free of spelling errors and formatted according to the APA 6th Edition. Provide at least one in-text citation and separate reference page to support your research.