5-1 Journal: The Art of Subtext Assignment

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I need a 4-5 paragraph journal written that covers the following:

Subtext is an important part of creative writing, as it allows a writer to thread underlying themes and messages throughout the text, thus creating depth to the story that is otherwise difficult to match. For this journal assignment, use the final two stories or novel excerpts (The books that I have selected are James Patterson’s Judge and Jury and MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead and Unwed) from your reading list to do the following.

  • Compare and contrast how the authors achieve subtext in their writing.
  • Explain how each method is successful in creating depth to the stories.
  • Discuss the authors’ use of literary devices (for an overview of these devices, see Literary Devices and Terms or Literary Devices), paying particular attention to dialogue. Be sure to pull specific passages from the text to support your claim.

Finally, briefly explain how you plan to achieve subtext in your own revisions. What devices will you use, and what underlying theme do you hope to capture in your work. My themes will be love & betrayal, individual vs society, and gender stereotypes.

The rubric must be read before starting the assignment. Please cite in MLA format. Note: I was not able to find a PDF version of Judge and Jury.