3-1 Discussion: What Should You Protect?

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What are assets and why do you need to protect them? In your own words, list some of your personal assets, as described in Chapters 3 and 5, that you would want to protect and why. What is critical information and how would you find it? In response to your classmates, discuss any critical information that you think they did not mention.

Textbook: Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection, Chapters 3 and 5

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Peer post 1

An asset is something of value that is owned by an individual or organization. Moreover, assets can be in the form of things, money or even people (Kale, Singh, & Perlmutter, 2000). People become an asset when they bring value to a relationship or an organization. Objects that are perceived to be assets tend to bring value to the owner since they can be converted to cash or can improve the productivity of an organization. The amount of cash that an individual owns athand is also another form of an asset. They can be grouped into tangible assets, for instance, land and buildings and intangible assets, for instance, the school name. People or organizations need to protect their assets in order to prevent future uncertainties, for instance, broken relationships, problems with the law, creditors, society or even the government. Assets guarantee liquidity of an individual or organization and as such there is a need to protect them (Kale, Singh, & Perlmutter, 2000).

For me the assets I would most want to protect are my home and personal belongings within. I keep a number of valuable documents there along with family gifts such as jewelry and other high ticket items. Not only that but I house my technology there to include laptop and phone which is how I run my everyday life and contains all of my vital information and cherished files. Without these things I would have nothing and have to rebuild from the beginning. We are so used to having everything at our fingertips that when it’s taken away we wouldn’t know how to react. Even small things such as a photo album on my cell phone is considered an asset to me and would be a huge loss.

As far as critical information that is dependent on the situation at hand as to what is critical and what is not. There is no set standard, however, I would say anything that could be used to expose planning, fiscal, building, or other security sensitive items are a big deal.



Peer post 2

Hello Class,

An asset is something that contains value and (possibly) depending on the subject could be turned into a profit.

Some of my personal assets that I would want to protect would be my laptop, phone, and personal documents at home. I would want and need to protect my phone and laptop because they are both tied together in regards to having a lot of my personal information that relates to the log in and passwords to my banking information, school log in that contains my personal financial aid information, grades, private emails, along with my own Gmail accounts on both devices that contain personal emails, professional emails, resume, travel arrangements. I would want to protect my phone because that is something that is carried with me every single day to the point that my GPS has picked up on where my home is when I go to use the app without me having to put in the address anymore. My laptop and computer are important for me to keep private because a lot, if not most of my class work, professional networking communication contacts and other personal pictures and memories shared with friends and families are recorded on both devices. As for my paperwork at home, as for most people, I keep my passport, social security information, tax information and all other personal documents in a safe place at home so I do not risk losing them or having to carry them with me anywhere.

As for property assets, truthfully, I care more about my personal files, technology devices, personal documents and photographs more than I do of my car or really other property because unlike things like that, you cannot get it back and if someone steals pertinent personal information they could potentially steal your identity, create fraudulent documents and do so much other harm to your life along with finding out where I live through my phone and other personal information.

Someday when I do own my own home I know that to protect my personal assets, I plan to have an in-home security system along with cameras on my property. I think it is important for people to maintain a strong security force at their private homes. There are certain things in life that is to much of a risk to lose and if they can be protected even if it does cost a bit much, it is so beyond worth it.


Thomas L. Norman (2016). Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection. Boca Raton, FL. Taylor & Francis Group