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Discussion:Reading vs.Listening

Plays are intended to be performed.This means that when you just read the script, you miss out on experiencing other dramatic elements, such as the actors’ mannerisms, tones, and expressions.In this discussion, you’ll listen to two actors perform part of Act I, scene V. As you listen, think about how hearing these lines performed aloud changes your perception of the play.

Listen to the excerpt being read aloud.

Take a look at a sample response to the discussion prompt.

When I listened to the scene, I was shocked by how much it changed my view of Olivia as a character.When I read the script, she seemed kind of harsh and very critical.But when I listened to her conversation with Viola/Cesario I noticed the tone of the actress’s voice was very flirtatious.I guess it wasn’t clear to me from reading this scene how easily charmed Olivia was by Cesario, but that came across so much more clearly when I listened to it being performed.I think that this happened because tone is easier to pick up on in conversation than it is in writing—maybethat’swhy my mom never picks up on the sarcasm in my text messages!

Createoneoriginal post that

  • Compares and contrasts reading Act I, scene V with hearing it performed aloud.
  • Notes at least two specific ways in which listening to the play changed or enriched your understanding of the text, and xplains why listening had this effect.

Createtworesponse posts that

  • Respond respectfully and meaningfully to the original post of a classmate.
  • Note some specific strengths and weaknesses in each original post.
  • Offer feedback and suggestions for improving the post.