1 page Art paper about an abject

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A “Non-Fine art”
object: example car, cell phone, a piece of furniture, etc. (please include a
printed image of the object and attach to a separate paper.)

*Be careful when choosing something too simple, you may not
have enough to write about.  *The more interesting the better.

Total points: 7

*1 page. Use 12
font and double-spaced. Paper should be a well-developed analysis of the chosen

terminology and concepts from Elements
and Principles of Design
in your paper to help describe it.

2pts: Description
of object (what it is, dimensions (measurement), color, shape, etc.): __________

3pts: Critic the
design of the object chosen. Was the design successful in your opinion, why or
why not?  Does function (what it does) and form (design) enhance the product and
make the object more appealing?  Do
you think the design met the desired goal of the designer, why or why not? :

2 pts: Spelling,
grammar, and over all organization of paper: ________